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2011 needs a speeding ticket!

We’re already half-way through Autumn! How is that possible? It only seems like yesterday, that I was lazing in my garden drinking ice-cold juice and enjoying the sun, and now we’ve arrived at October? Madness.


I’ve Become A Blogger

After spending my sociology lesson reading a highly entertaining blog, I had a thought process which consisted of me coming to the realisation that it could be quite amusing to start my own blog… So here goes!
Firstly, I’m not quite sure how seriously people will take me with this username / blog title, but I’ve always been really un-adventurous when it comes to creating usenames, so I just went with the first thing that sprang to mind. Plus, elephants are adorable creatures, it has to be said. If you haven’t guessed already, my name’s Emma. I should be planning an English essay right now, however I decided that this option was much more appealing, also, the fact that it actually involves constructing sentances, using gammar AND attempting to make sense, is distracting me from my guilty conscience.
I’m not really sure how far this blog will take me, I have a rather medeocre life, and rarely witness any interesting events. Although this did enter my mind before I created an account on Twitter, and I’ve somehow managed to hit over 30,000 tweets in just under a year, so I must have at least some fairly interesting things to record. Anyway, I can’t really say I have any hobbies. I guess I’m passionate about music, and have taken up teaching myself guitar in the last year, so maybe that will be a start!