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Long titles… They’re not illegal. Just frowned upon.

I’m sure I speak for a good few readers, when I say that long titles make me slightly uncomfortable. Unless the text is in large print, it just feels wrong when a title overlaps to the next line… No? I mean, aren’t titles supposed to be a brief indication as to what the following article/book/blog etc is about? They’re supposed to suggest what the text might be about, without giving away too much, so that people actually want to carry on reading. Lengthy titles seem to insinuate that the author has some sort of incapability to summarise.

I usually put just as much effort into my title name as I would my actual text, just because I know that that’s what people are going to judge their decision of whether to read it or not, on. There’s something about long titles that suggests the author hasn’t bothered using a witty pun, or snappy one-liner, but has just simply written an averagely long sentence about the article.

Am I the only one that feels uncomfortable around long titles? Or do you feel nauseous too?


Comments on: "Why are people afraid of using long titles that carry onto the next line?" (2)

  1. I have a post I want to write, but the title is sooooo long that I hestitate to write the post. Now, you have encouraged me. Maybe it’s okay. Maybe I won’t scare-off the average reader who has a 300-word limit and is disturbed by a dozen of those being used in the title.


    And maybe you are reading my mind, since you posted this while I was thinking about this very issue!

  2. @adamaecompton wow, strange, huh? I feel even more uncomfortable actually using long titles, but I used a leghthy one on this post and managed a whopping 3 views! Haha, let me know if you do build up the courage! I wish you all the best!

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